About Me

I first got started with drums when I was in 6th grade.  I was going to join the 6th grade concert band.  We got to try a few different instruments and I was okay at some of them, but I knew I wanted to play percussion.  After an extremely simple tryout (copying simple rhythms on a practice pad), the band directors decided I could play percussion!  Thus began my drums and percussion saga.

After learning and playing all the different percussion instruments within the concert band for a couple years, I wanted to develop my talents a little more, so I began taking private lessons in 8th grade.  I started with mainly snare drum lessons, because at the time I didn't own a drumset.  However, after I had been taking lessons for a while, my instructor introduced me to the drumset.  I started my practice routine by sitting in a desk chair playing on pillows, books, or anything I could find.  After about a year of this practice method, my parents bought me a drumset for Christmas!

I was pretty excited about finally having an actual drumset to play on, but I didn't feel like my lessons were really helping me advance my skills.  I felt like in my lessons, we were just playing the same couple beats and riffs over and over.  And when I was practicing at home, I tried to stray outside of what we had worked on, but found I didn't really have the technique or skill to do that.  Basically, I felt stuck.

This sort of drove me away from drumset for a while.  While it gathered dust in my parents' basement, I focused on other percussion instruments.  It wasn't until my freshman year of college I started playing drumset in lessons again.  This time with a new teacher, I was able to learn more, and develop more technique.  Through college and beyond I have continued to play and learn more on the drumset.

Why I created DrumLessonsCritic.com

I have been playing for a while now, but I still feel like there is a lot of stuff I can improve upon in my drumming.

After graduating from college and being out on my own, I found that I didn't really have the extra money to take lessons.  $30 an hour adds up pretty quickly...to the tune of over $1500 a year.  So I started looking for alternative ways to improve my drumming.  Naturally, with all the resources available, I looked to the internet. I found a bunch of different programs out there.  I tried a few out, starting with some of the less expensive ones first.  I found some that were good, some that were great, and some other ones that I wouldn't recommend to anyone. 

I had a friend who was into website design and affiliate marketing and he came to me with the idea to build a website based on my experiences with different drum lesson courses.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my opinions and ideas with my fellow drummers.  Thus, DrumLessonsCritic.com was born.

I hope you guys enjoy this website and come back often.

Top 4 Drum Lessons

#1 - Drumming System
#2 - Learn and Master Drums
#3 - Rock Drumming System
#4 - Drum Play Along System