Free Drumming Articles

Ready to kick-start your drumming?  Need a little advice?  This page lists the articles I've written about drumming.  Come back often becasue I will be adding new articles.

Drumming Basics

This section of articles covers some of the basics of playing the drums. Remember that it's essential to master the basics before moving on to more advanced techniques!

Proper Stick Grip
Check out this article for tips on the two main grips: traditional and matched.  Proper grip is one of the essential fundamentals of drumming.  [Read more]

How to Tune Your Drum Set
[Coming Soon]


A good warm-up is essential in order to play to your full potential. It's important to remember that for some of your muscles, drumming can be quite a workout, and you must give them a proper warm-up.

Basic Warm-Up Exercises
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Drum Lesson Tips

Looking to take drum lessons, or learn some new techniques on your own? Check out these articles for some tips, tricks, and advice.

Drum Lessons for Beginners
[Coming Soon]

Why Private Lessons Might Not Work for You
Are you looking to start out taking some private lessons? Or maybe you've already started, but you're frustrated with your progress? Check this out to find out why private lessons might not be your thing.  [Read more]

Drum Solos

Think you have the basics down and you're ready to rock out an awesome drum solo? Check out these articles for some tips.

Getting More Comfortable Around the Drum Set
[Coming Soon]

Incorporating Rudiments into Solos
[Coming Soon]

Drumming Styles

Whether you like to rock out to heavy metal, try some new Latin beats, or prefer to jam with a small jazz combo: check out these articles for information on drumming styles.

Rock Drumming
[Coming Soon]

Jazz Drumming
[Coming Soon]

Latin Drumming
[Coming Soon


Top 4 Drum Lessons

#1 - Drumming System
#2 - Learn and Master Drums
#3 - Rock Drumming System
#4 - Drum Play Along System