Cool Resources for Drummers

Here are some awesome drum resources I have found: is an amazing source for free drum lessons online. It's put together by Jared Falk, who is also the creator of The Complete Rock Drumming System and The Drum Play-Along System.

Drummer World is one the most complete sources for information about famous drummers, videos, drumming news, products, and lessons; so check it out!

Drum Bum is one of my all-time favorite sites. Check it out for gifts for drummers (or yourself). They have T-shirts, collectibles, hats, gear, and also a database of drum lessons and tabs.

Drum Tabs:
Want to learn the drum part for your favorite song? Check out the drums section of or

PAS Rudiment chart: Rudiments are the foundation of all drumming. Here is a clear, printable version of a rudiment chart that includes all 40 basic rudiments. Check it out and learn those rudiments!


Top 4 Drum Lessons

#1 - Drumming System
#2 - Learn and Master Drums
#3 - Rock Drumming System
#4 - Drum Play Along System