Drumming System Review

The Drumming System is a multimedia drum lesson course that incorporates DVDs, CDs, and music workbooks.  It contains the most content of any drum lesson course on the market right now.  It includes 20 instructional DVDs with over 30 hours of lessons, 15 play-along CDs with over 100 play-along songs, and 5 spiral-bound workbooks packed with lesson charts and content.

If you want to get the most content for your money and to get started right away, the Drumming System is my #1 pick!

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  Drumming System Learn & Master Drums Rock Drumming System Drum Play Along System
Overall Rating 9.5/10 9.3/10 8.0/10 6.7/10
Lesson Quality
Value for Price
Teaching Style
Lesson Variety
Ease of Use
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Product 20 DVDs, 15 CDs & 5 Books
12 DVDs, 5 CDs, Book & Support Forum
5 DVDs, CD, 4 Books & 2 eBooks
3 DVDs, 3 CDs &
1 Book
Delivery 5-7 Days 3-14 Days
5-7 Days
5-7 Days
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Lowest Price $247 $249 $149 $117 $97
Guarantee 90-Day, 100% Money-Back 60-Day, 100% Money-Back 90-Day, 100% Money-Back 90-Day, 100% Money-Back
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  Drumming System Review


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Lesson Quality: 5 Star Rating
Value for Price: 4-star.png
Support: 5 Star Rating
Teaching Style: 5 Star Rating
Lesson Variety: 5-star.png
Ease of Use: 5 Star Rating

Product DVDs, CDs, Books
Price: $247
Delivery: 5-7 Days
Guarantee: 90-Day, 100%

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The Drumming System includes a ridiculous amount of material!  After trying and reviewing a bunch of different programs, this is my favorite drum lesson system.

Here's what you get with The Drumming System:

  • 20 Instructional DVDs packed with over 30 hours of lessons.
  • 15 CDs with over 100 songs to jam along with.
  • The CDs include tracks with the drums parts removed as well as tracks with metronome clicks so you know you are keeping the tempo strong and steady.
  • 5 spiral-bound workbooks packed with lesson charts.
  • Some key topics include: how to play drums by ear, how to practice efficiently, drum theory and notation, hand technique, drum rudiments, foot techniques, and much more.
  • Different styles include: punk rock, heavy metal, hard rock, grunge rock, progressive rock, folk rock, classic rock, country, blues, funk, jazz, reggae, and many others.

Overall, despite the high cost, The Drumming System is definitely my favorite drum lesson system out there.

It can help you transform your drumming abilities if you're willing to put in the time to use it. While it might not compare to private drum lessons, it's a lot cheaper so I highly recommend it!

Pros - Drumming System

Here's what I like about the Drumming System:

  • In the long run, it's cheaper than taking private drum lessons.
  • You can literally complete the lessons anytime you want, and do it in the comfort of your own home.
  • The DVDs are of great quality and extremely easy to follow.
  • Step-by-step lesson process allows you to start with the basics and progress easily.
  • Covers a wide variety of different styles and lesson topics.
  • There is a ton of content included, and you can go over the content as often as you want or need to.
  • DVDs are broken down by topic, so if you are struggling with a certain technique, you can easily pop that DVD in and work on it.

Cons - Drumming System

Here's a couple things I don't like about the Drumming System:

  • Like any DVD/CD, you have to wait for it to ship to you.
  • Mike is the only teacher; and although he is a great drummer, it's always nice to get a few different perspectives.
  • There is no interactive online forum to talk to instructors or other drummers.
  • At $247, it is one of the more expensive programs, but the superior quality and quantity of content makes it well worth the one-time investment.

Overall, the Drumming System is worth the investment. I've taken private lessons before and they didn't really take me where I wanted to go with my drumming. The Drumming System took me to a whole new level. In my opinion the Drumming System is the best lesson program available online.

"Is the Drumming System right for me?"

This course is excellent for beginning and advanced students alike. For beginners, you can take the step-by-step approach going through all the DVDs. For intermediate or advanced drummers some of the beginner lessons may move a little slowlybut there is plenty of content for all levels. If there is a certain technique or style you would like to focus on, the Drumming System is easily broken down.

There is also a 90-Day, money-back guarantee; if you get the program and you don't like it or you don't think it's helping you then you have three months to send it back and get all your money returned. I think this guarantee makes it a no-brainer. This is my favorite drum lesson program available and I highly recommend the Drumming System to anyone looking to improve their drumming skills.

About Mike Michalkow, the Creator of the "Drumming System"

Mike Michalkow has been performing, recording, and teaching drums for over 20 years. He has taken private lessons with Jim Chapin, Dom Famularo, John Fisher, Chuck Silverman, Peter Magadini, Mitch Dorge, and Virgil Donati.

Mike’s passion for drums and percussion has earned him a name in the business and his summers consist of heading the drum department for the "National Guitar Workshop" which he has been doing since the year 2000.

As well as keeping a busy teaching and performance schedule, Mike spends many of his days and nights in the recording studio with song writers and bands with styles ranging from Progressive Rock, Latin, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Folk, Celtic, Country, Metal, and R&B.

He has also performed at the "Vancouver International Drum Festival" each year from 2001 to 2008 by invitation of Yamaha Drums and has shared the stage with drummers such as Dom Famularo, Chad Smith, John “JR” Robinson, Virgil Donati, Cindy Blackman, Kirk Covington, Robby Ameen, Matt Frenette and Mitch Dorge.


Drumming System Review Summary

The Drumming System is simply the most complete drum lesson program available right now. It has something for every skill level and is easy to follow for even the newest drummer. Here's a quick recap:

  1. 20 DVDs are packed with over 30 hours of instruction.
  2. 15 CDs have over 100 songs to jam along with.
  3. 5 Workbooks that coordinate and add to what you are learning on the DVDs.
  4. You can work through the lessons whenever you want from the comfort of home!
  5. You can rewatch the DVD lessons over and over again until you fully understand the content.

Ready to get start drumming, or improve your skills? Check out the Drumming System:


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