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Even though I test all of these programs and products before reviewing them, I must state that I am not a professional drummer. All of the reviews posted here are only my personal opinion.

Any recommendations or negative comments regarding a drum lesson product should be taken purely as opinion. I can't guarantee that any of the products will work for you, but it is certainly my goal to help steer you toward reaching your goals of becoming a better drummer.

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Even though I have personally tested and used all the products I review here, I cannot guarantee your success with any of these courses.

While I do receive commissions for affiliate sales when people purchase products through my website, however my reviews are fair, unbiased opinions meant only to help drummers find a drum lesson program that works for them.  These commissions do not change the cost of the products, but provide me with a source of income for maintaining the site.

I always provide my complete, honest, unbiased opinion on these products.  However, occasionally I might recommend a product or program that doesn't work for someone else.  That is why I only promote products with 100% money-back guarantees.  If anyone is dissatisfied with a product they purchase on my recomendation, they can simply get a refund.

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